• Don't let grease damage your drain - scrape and wipe dishes before washing. For heavy grease: cool it, can it, trash it.

    Save yourself a holiday sewer backup!

    Scrape and wipe dishes before washing, and put heavy grease in cans to trash.

  • Storm drains ready for rain?

    Help prevent flooding during our fall and winter heavy rains by keeping your storm drains clear of debris.

    Click here for more tips to be ready for NW storm season.

  • eBilling now available! Sign up for eBilling to get your bills online.

    Click HERE for more information and to sign up.

  • Hand checking box next to smiley face on chalkboard. Text: Tell us what you think about your services.

    Your feedback matters - and we are listening.

    Help us serve you better by taking our 2-minute survey

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Winterizing tips to protect your home pipes

Get directions for preparing emergency water supply

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